Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking back, looking around, looking ahead

So how did I do on my non-resolutions for 2011?

I dug into spiritual gifts, but not deep enough. That's going back on the list.
Lots of things got organized and some of it is still in pretty good shape. A couple of areas never got fully completed- the craft room and the master closet. The pantry could use another going through now too, but overall I'm in pretty good shape.

Some of those projects got completed, some didn't. That's okay. I did make lots of things this past year. You can check out my top ten here.

Where am I now? Blessed beyond belief!

Thanks to all of my visitors, followers, Facebook followers, and those of you who leave comments! You make this blogging thing so much more fun! I wish you all the best in the new year. Thanks also to my etsy customers. My blog and shop have grown a lot in the past year. Thanks to those of you who have featured my shop and my blog projects. You are all awesome and I look forward to sharing so much more with you in the coming year.

So what would I like to do next year?

  • Continue to learn and develop my spiritual gifts and grow in HIS word.
  • More projects, projects, projects! The "to do" always exceeds the "done" but that's okay too.
  • I hope to make some blog improvements and apply some more of the things I learned at SITS girls and 31 days to a better blog during the past year.
  • Maybe try some guest blogging- not sure though- it's hard enough to get stuff done for my own blog.
  • Have some guest bloggers here- Would  you  be interested? Give me a shout in the comments or an email if you are.
  • Improve my photography- I finally learned how to use my camera off auto (on manual) during 2011! There's still room for improvement. I'll also do a future post on some great resources for learning your DSLR and photography.
  • Spend some quality time with the hubby- which is what I'm off to do now!

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