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Quick and easy fleece Easter bunny

If you are limited on time, you will love this little Easter craft. Following this tutorial from Gluesticks, I whipped up this little bunny in just a few minutes. I improvised to use what I had on hand. Instead of filling my bunny with beans, I used some quilt batting.

I glued on some googly eyes and a button nose. I think he needs a mouth and a tail, but I skipped those features. My bunny is also not the same dimensions because it ended up being a little shorter after I squared up my fleece scrap.  I have a few more sewn up ready to fill and embellish, so I'm going to try a few things different. I may send one to my 2 year old niece and the eyes and button nose would not be very safe for her. However, this little crazy-eyed guy will be just fine on display at my house.

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WIWW- gingham and floral

Shirt- TJMaxx skirt- Old Navy shoes- Payless necklace- Our World Boutique worn March 23, 2014 We had such a nice day Sunday I couldn't help but to bust out the florals in celebration of spring. I paired this skirt with a gingham shirt. I received lots of compliments on this outfit at church. It was a little suprising who they came from too. I wish I had a better location for photos because the lighting here is not doing this justice. Linking up with WIWW.

7 Easter projects

DIY Monogram Plate

Are you in love with the monogram trend? Do you love it on your clothes and accessories or just in home decor? I'm more drawn to home decor. I decided that I wanted a monogrammed plate to add to our home decor and knew I could do this quickly and easily with my Silhouette and some vinyl. (Thank goodness it's quick and easy, I haven't had time for much else craft wise lately). I picked up an oval shaped platter from the thrift store. You can see it in it's "before" state below.

With just a little cleaning and some vinyl decals, I now have a fabulous decor piece.

I first measured length and width of the area I would be working in so I'd know how big to size my overall design in Silhouette.

Sorry, I don't have screen shots but here's the basic workflow.

I chose some swirls out of "Swirls set of 7". I ungrouped them so I had just the one I wanted and then copied it and reversed the copy. I took the ellipse tool and drew two circles, one a …

WIWW-Plaid, stripes, utility jacket

Jacket/scarf- JCPenney shirt- Forever 21 jeans- Levis mid rise skinny boots- Target Worn March 8, 2014 I know you saw very similar plaid and stripes not too long ago. This time I added the utility jacket. It was cold enough for the extra layer. But soon, and very soon, I'll be peeling back the layers....ah spring! And then maybe there will be some new outfits instead of repeats on the same old formulas. Linking up to WIWW.

7 Ways to Spruce up the porch for spring

1. Fill on old washtub with flowers and  chicks. Paint a chalkboard label on it so you can announce Spring.

A Day in the Life


Jacksonville Zoo August 2013 I don't even remember taking this shot, but I thought it was just too interesting not to share. This creature looks like he's playing peek-a-boo and sticking his tongue out at me. I think I know what he is but I could be wrong so I won't say, but if you can identify him, please let me know. Linking up with:

WIWW- Denim jacket

Jacket- Old Navy shirt- Belk's skirt- (old) shoes- Target wing necklace- JCPenney I wore this a couple of weeks ago. I finally gave in and purchased a denim jacket with a gift card because I keep pinning looks with denim jackets. I'm just not sure how much wear I'll get out of it since I can't wear it to work. Linking up to WIWW.

One Dozen Magnificient Monogram projects

Monograms become more and more popular every day. I tend to prefer the kind I can make for my home rather than the kind to wear. Here are one dozen diy monogram projects.


Pensecola Lighthouse October 2013

WIWW- Cardigan and stripes

Cardigan - August Silk/ TJMaxx shirt- Gap jeans- Levis shoes- Payless necklace- Sassy Steals Spring... winter...Spring...winter. It's back and to for us, but we had a really nice day a couple of weekends ago and I wore this to take care of an unexpected issue at work and then run errands.
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5 Fabulous Ways to Decorate for Spring

We keep being teased with spring by mother nature- a few spring like days, and then more cold. Nonetheless, spring will be here soon. Here are five fabulous ways to decorate for spring. It's all about bringing in those earthy, green and natural elements.

1. Decorate with moss.

 A Mommy's Life with a Touch of Yellow 2. Use bird nests ( ready made or make your own.) Stone Gable 3. Birdcages Sand and Sisal 4. Use fruits and vegetables for fresh spring displays. BHG Asparagus vase 5. Bring in green plants. Succulent gardens by Southern Scraps Sharing these ideas here: Think Pink Sundays*Under the Table and Dreaming* Sundae Scoop*Suburb’s Mama Sunday link*DIY Sunday Showcase*Craftomaniac Monday*Make the Scene Monday* The DIY’ers *Masterpiece Monday* Motivate Me Monday*Market Yourself Mondays at Sumo’s Sweet Stuff* Pink Hippo Party*More The Merrier Monday*