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Organize it: The craft room- 10 ways

Have a craft room (or closet) that needs organizing? Yes, I do. Even though I had a new work/storage table built last July, I'm still not finished rearranging and organizing stuff. By far, I think this is the most fun room to organize.

1. Make a desk organizer for pens and markers from mason jars.

2. Use a frame, cup hooks and dowels to organize baker's twine.
3. Use the back of the door (closet or room).
4. Use labeled plastic shoe boxes in the same color for uniformity on a bookshelf.
5. Use comic book boards to make mini bolts of fabric.
6. Use old jars to hold buttons, notions, and thread.
7. Repurpose a shoe cubby to hold die cutting supplies.
8. Use a pegboard to hang and organize craft supplies.
9. Place rolls of ribbon on an upright paper towel holder.
10. Add a shelving unit or bookcase with pretty boxes and baskets.
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  1. Thanks for sharing all the great ideas. One day I'll get there.

  2. I have a dedicated craft room and am always looking for ways to keep it well-organized. I love some of these ideas!

  3. Love that twine board! I am moving into a new house soon and can't wait to organize my dedicated craft room.

  4. I need this so badly. When I move, I vow to be organized!

  5. I'm addicted to organizing my craft room!! I love all these ideas, thanks for sharing!


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