Thursday, December 15, 2011

Woven ribbon gift wrap- Tried it out Thursday

I promised on Monday when I shared some gift wrap ideas that I'd share the one I used this year, so here it is. I really fell for the idea featured in Matthew Meads Holiday book, as seen here.

I see where I should have done some of the weaving a little different looking at the pictures now, but they are pretty and shiny under the tree nonetheless. My hubby even commented on  how pretty they were and he's never done that.

We transport a good many packages away from the house, so the flat ribbon packages will be so much easier to stack without messing up bows. Speaking of bows, I couldn't resist putting bows on a few. I learned a new technique for making bows this year from Michael' The new technique is the one the guy is doing in the video. I normally make them the way the female is and I'm never happy with them. I love the way they turn out using his technique. To adust the size, change the size of the board you use to wrap. 

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