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Creating a Candy Christmas tablescape

Day 2

I decided to do a turquoise blue and lime green with white and a touch of red color scheme for my Christmas decor this year. Along with that I decided to use my hubby's gumdrop tree that I haven't used since we've been married. He used to put it out each year when we were dating because it was one of his childhood traditions, but after we got married and moved, it just stayed boxed up. So I was determined to use it on my table scape this year, but how? How was I going to tie it in to the blue and green and other things?

I searched and pinned and pinned ideas and none of them were really anything I wanted to repeat or had much to do with candy except candy canes and red and white schemes. I ultimately did end up using candy canes, but blue, green and red ones- not the traditional ones.

So here's the end result and the details of how it came together ( warning- picture overload!)

First I started with a white table runner that I made. (It's a no sew version- details HERE.)

Here's the gumdrop tree that was the inspiration for it all.  I used the green, white, red, and purple (in lieu of blue) on the tree itself and then scattered some of all the colors in the tray. I elevated it on a pedestal candle holder I made last year with a candle plate and taper holder.

I picked up some Dollar Tree hurricanes and pillar candles and used more gumdrops for filler.

I also got some votive candles, small hurricanes, square candle holders, and taper candle holders.  I filled the square ones with some colored jelly candies and placed the votives in them. I placed candy canes in the small hurricanes.

I already had some crystal candle sticks and dishes. I placed an ornament on top of the candlesticks and on top of the smaller ones I purchased.

I filled one of the bowls with ornaments and two with more candy canes. I also scattered a few ornaments along the runner and tied some from the light fixture. Tying the ornaments from the light was an idea I came across while searching, but I can't remember where now.

Next it was time for the place settings. I used some silver chargers, blue and red plates. The blue and red plates were the hubby's idea. I purchased them from Target. They are the melamine plates since this is a fun and festive setting instead of a formal one. I also used green napkins and place mats.

I made some fun beaded napkin rings that kept with the candy color scheme. A quick how to for those can be found HERE. A tutorial for tying the bow tie napkin fold can be found here. I thought it mimicked wrapped candies.

And that's it. Here's a few more photos for you!

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  1. So very cute! I especially love that gumdrop tree!

  2. My daughters' favorite decoration was the gumdrop tree. Good to see someone enjoys it too.

  3. This is beyond adorable! I never would have thought of something so cute - I may have to borrow this idea sometime!

  4. This is SO adorable!! Hoping you can link this up at my turquoise lovin' party going on right now!! (red during the holidays too)

  5. Love the colors, I'm working with lime and teals too, plus some red, I have red all over my house all year, well, I have teal all over my house all year too...

  6. So cute! Love the colors and of course LOVE the candy.

    Saw from Someday Crafts link up.

    Now I need to find some gumdrops!

  7. Love this idea! I have such fond memories of the gumdrop tree at my great Aunt Mary's house in Henrietta, Texas. You've inspired me to find one and incorporate it into my own Christmas decor - and maybe someday I'll be able to do a similar tablescape with the gumdrop tree as the star attraction - thank you so much for sharing this, and your lovely blog.


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