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So just a few words- these are from my parents' fiftieth wedding anniversary reception last weekend. More photos here.

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DIY Reception Garland and Party Numbers

Last weekend we had the honor and privilege of celebrating my parents' fiftieth wedding anniversary. I'm so thankful God blessed me with parents who have been an example and upheld marriage as He intended it.

I had lots of fun preparing and decorating. The huge panels behind the food bar are there to hide the kitchen. The reception was held at their church social hall which hasn't been updated since 1986 so it takes a bit of work to make it magical. 

I enlisted the help of the hubby to make a large "50" to hang on the panels. I purchased a sheet of poster size thin foam board from Dollar General and asked him to draw and cut the numbers. Each number is roughly the size of half a sheet of board. Once he cut them out, I wrapped them in gold/silver tinsel garland purchased on clearance after Christmas at Dollar General. It took six strands of 9 ft garland to cover the letters. I attached it at the beginning and ends with a little hot glue. Total cost of party num…

WIWW- Sweater and plaid

Shirt- JCPenney Sweater- Gapcable knit option pants- TJMaxx shoes- Ross tote- gift Worn Jan. 26, 2014 This has been the coldest winter thus far since I moved to my current location. All the others had been so mild, I had gotten rid of most of my sweaters. I have been in need of them this season. When I saw Caitlin at Southern Curls and Pearls in a white cable knit and red plaid, I knew that a white cable knit would be a good addition to my wardrobe. This sweater that I'm wearing isn't a true cable knit, but I used rewards to get it free from Gap. The cable knits were sold out in my size. This one is really soft and comfy, so I'm happy, as long as it holds its shape. Linking up to WIWW.

Organize it: The craft room- 10 ways

Have a craft room (or closet) that needs organizing? Yes, I do. Even though I had a new work/storage table built last July, I'm still not finished rearranging and organizing stuff. By far, I think this is the most fun room to organize.

One Dozen Valentine's Day home decor crafts

WATW- My Bella

I was attempting to work out Saturday, doing some sit ups in the living room floor. My malinois is always there to coach me. When she finally settled down in the floor with her kong, I noticed she was facing the most perfect light, so I grabbed the camera and took some shots.

Glitter heart mason jar

I haven't forgotten that Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. I just haven't had time to do much crafting or decorating for it yet because I've been getting ready for a bigger love celebration- my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. I promise to share details and projects from the reception next week.

I did manage to squeeze in a few minutes to make this heart glitter jar. I'm sure you've seen other versions around the web with paint or glitter. I had an old mason jar that has some sort of film on it that I can't get off so I though it would be better suited covered in glitter. I decided to add a few heart "cutouts" to it for Valentine's day.

I grabbed my heart punch and some left over vinyl.

I applied the hearts to the jar. (See that gross film? I'm about to cover most of it up. Some of it was from my attempt at cleaning the jar and I was able to get that off later where it was showing through my hearts.) I covered the jar with M…

WIWW- Emerald velvet and leopard

Jacket- thrifted; shirt- JCPenney jeans- Levis shoes- DSW; clutch- Forever21 I wore this Saturday night to our little "red carpet" event. My hubby did some prop and makeup work for our younger friend who is an aspiring film producer. He has gotten connected with a local film council and has been making "no budget" films. My hubby ended up with an acting role in the movie as well and Saturday was the premier. It was lots of fun. But this was as glamorous as I got for the event because it was too cold for anything else. Linking up with WIWW.

Organizing the entry- 7 ways

The next area we are looking at in this series of organzing is the entry way or command centers. (Check out kitchenshere and bathshere.)  If everyone has a designated place for those things they bring in and out- keys, bags, phones, work, homework- getting out the door on time can be so much easier.

WATW- Warthogs

August 2013 These guys were a lot of fun to photograph at the zoo last summer. Aren't they adorable?

Ten minute earrings

Calling these ten minute earrings is being really gracious. A skilled jewerly maker could make these in under five. This is another great bead stash busting project that will use those up those random leftover beads, so it's got another thing going for it. I made these as a Christmas gift. If you get in a pinch for a Valentine's gift, they would be great for that too. If you want them to be more in theme with Valentine's switch out the dragonfly charms with heart charms. You will need: a set of earring wires/hooks two sterling silver charms two beads of your choice two eye pins two jump rings (optional) jewelry pliers Thread your beads on the eye pins and make a single loop at the top of each one. Attach the charms to the bead unit with a jump ring or attach directly to the loop of the eye pin. Attach earring wires to the top of the bead with the loop you just made. DONE!
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