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Decorative hope, joy and peace plates with Mod Podge and Silhouette

I decided to try my hand at making some decorative plates with clear plates. My mom had seen this idea of using paper or fabric and mod podge to decorate plates in a magazine and informed me that I could make her some so she could change out the Nativity plates she had on display. So I did. I made her a set of plates for Mother's Day.

Spring tablescape

I set this table just before Easter. I had some egg picks in the flower bouqet and then removed them after Easter, leaving everthing else in place. It's a very simple tablescape but it worked for the season. I decided I had better share it before it's time to set up for summer.

WIWW- Brights

This is an outfit I wore to work recently. I often wear something like this to church, but rarely to work. I got lots of compliments on it. I really like the nude shoes with it.  I don't know why it took me so long to invest in nude shoes but they work better with bright colors than black or white.

Shirt- thrifted; skirt- Old navy (clearance last year) shoes- TJMaxx Linking up with WIWW.

Worth a Thousand Words

I've decided to start a new series here on the blog. It's mostly for myself in hopes that I will organize, edit, and do something with the thousands of pictures on my computer. I used to scrapbook and got away from it. I've got to go back to 2005 to catch up. Whew.

While I'm busy doing all this editing and organizing, I thought I'd share a photo or two with you along the way. I hope you enjoy these little snippets of my travels and life. If you enjoy these posts, or if a photo speaks to you, then please leave a comment.

I randomly opened a file from 2010. I took a business trip to Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Here's a shot of the shoreline.

Happy Memorial Day

Thanksto all who have sacrificed life, and to the living who sacrificed time, health, and family, to make this a safe and free place for me and my family to live!

7 Fun and creative planters

I've been doing a little spring and summer sprucing up outside. I won't be doing nearly the amount of work I did on my porches as last year because much of it is good to reuse and leave in place this year, but I have potted some new plants. I might update a couple of planters as well. Here are 7 fun ideas for pots and planters.

Do you want to provide healthy meals and snacks?

Then this week's Fabulous Friday Find is for you! You can get a fabulous ebook bundle of five great books for only $7.40. (And yes this contains affiliate links and I'll earn a commission if you buy through these links, but I'd recommend them anyway because I already have some of these books and love them.)

This week at, add five Kitchen Stewardship ebooks to your library at a fraction of their regular price! Whether you're already a fan of the talented Katie Kimball or just hearing about these ebooks for the first time, this collection of real food ebooks includes not just recipes but plenty of information to empower you on your real food journey -- and it's available at almost 80% off retail this week only. Plus, purchasers will receive a special coupon code to purchase Katie's latest ebook, Better Than a Box, at just 50%! From soaking grains and using beans to stretch your budget to dozens of snack recipes for busy families on the go and …

Camo and silver duct tape wallets

Last December I made duct tape wallets to give cash and gift cards to my Dad and nephew for their birthdays. I never got around to sharing them, but I thought they'd be appropriate now for Father's Day. If you are going to give Dad cash or a gift card, make it fun with a duct tape wallet.

I made the one above with camo tape and trimmed it with silver. The one below was made for a Christmas party gag gift and I made it solid camo.

I used the same tutorial I used when I made my hubby a skull tape wallet.

Check out more Father's Day Gift ideas HERE.

I'll be sharing this idea here:

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WIWW- Red with navy stripes

It's time for WIWW again. This is a work outfit from last week. I recently saw the opposite on a blogger- navy jacket with red striped shirt and thought about these pieces. I've already worn and mixed the sweater several other ways (seen here ,here, and here).

Blazer- Cato's; sweater- Forever 21 pants- Sears; shoes- old; earrings- Target Have a great week!

Better than a tie - 10 DIY Father's Day gifts

The days and holidays are flying by. In about three short weeks, it will be Father's Day. Here are 10 DIY gifts (and gift wraps) for celebrating Dad.

Altoid mini toolbox Mason jar bird feeder *Include the bird seed in a gift jar. Swap out the ribbon for some twine or a burlap bow to make it a little more masculine. Bird Seed gift jar Bow tie gift bag
Stache jar His favorite nuts with a "Nuts About you" printable Hot rod gift bag *Honor Dad's best friend with a altered photo frame Man's best friend frame Stamped washer key chains
Leather wrapped journal

DIY Succulent gardens

It seems like everyone has jumped on a bandwagon with succulents and terrariums recently and I don't like to do the same thing everyone else is doing, but I did. I made  some succulent gardens. But just for the record, this is something I have had on my mental to do list since last year. 

WIWW- Multi color maxi skirt

I thought it would be fun to do WIWW posts here again. (I know - I can't make up my mind- I do them here then I don't, just bear with me.)  I probably won't do a whole weekly round up of what I've been wearing but I'll pick a recent outfit or two to show you. I do still try to post over at my outfit blog (I'd hardly call it a fashion blog) but I've not been able to keep it up the way I want to. 

I love maxi skirts and invested in a new one for this year. It's quite colorful and I don't think I'll run out of options for tops any time soon.

Skirt- Belk's; top- JCPenney; cardigan shrug- Sear's; necklace/earrings- Sear's; sandals- Target (last year) Linking up with WIWW

One dozen strawberry recipes

Mmmm...strawberry season. I love strawberries and have fond memories of growing them with my grandmother as a child. I just bought two flats from a local farm, so now I want to use them in lots of yummy ways. Here's a round up of strawberry recipes.  Since we've changed our lifestyle, most of these will be paleo or gluten free or something I can adapt. Enjoy!

How to Easily Fill Freezer Bags and Save Freezer Space

Now that we are eating healthier whole foods, I need to be able to freeze some meals when I have time to cook for those days when I don't have time, and to be able to stock up on some seasonal produce. The problem with all of this is that I don't have much freezer space. I normally freeze soups and liquids in containers, but those take up so much more room. I decided to try out a tip I found for freezing in bags and it worked like a charm!

Moss decor- 5 projects

Earthy elements and moss covered decor really speak to me for the spring and summer. Here are five projects using moss.

Days of Chalk and Chocolate

Fabulous Friday Find- PicMonkey

Some of you will read this and think, "What rock has she been hiding under? PicMonkey is not new?" But for me is it. I usually add text and such to my photos in photoshop elements and I don't intend to stop, but I have limited time for learning things and have struggled with collages, so PicMonkey is an exciting find for me. Or maybe I should say finding out how easy it is to use is a fabulous find ('cause I have heard of PicMonkey before, I just ignored it.)
Last night I edited the collage from my Mother's Day round up post.

I started with this:

Paleo Pizza (Tried It Out Thursday)

***This post contains affiliate links to Amazon. I'll earn a small commission if you purchase through these links, but it will not increase your cost in any way.***

We're still trying sticking to a whole foods, grain free and mostly paleo diet. It seems to be helping the hubby with some pain and digestive issues.  The one old food he keeps saying he wants is pizza. So... we had pizza. A yummy, healthy pizza with an almond flour crust and lots of veggies. And we had mozzerella cheese. To be truly paleo, you need to leave off the cheese.