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Bella's Christmas (practice) photo

If you're looking for the Creating Christmas wrap up and link party, it's HERE, one post below. And if you weren't looking, you're still welcome to join.

Tracy at Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures is having a pet photo Christmas party. One night when I was photographing some decorations, I decided to put Bella's Christmas collar on and let her get used to it. I decided to snap a few photos as well. I intend to take more because there are no presents under the tree in the photos I took and Bella was dog tired (no pun intended) and really wasn't smiling for me. I still think she's beautiful so I thought I'd share.

I do like this last one with the PEACE blocks in the background. What do you think? Are any of them "card worthy"?

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  1. Bella is so pretty. Is she a Malamois? Is that how to spell it? My friend use to raise them. I really like that last one for a card. I didn't even know you could buy Christmas collars. I might have to get those next year for my babies. Thanks for linking to the party.

  2. So adorable--I just love it! She looks like a very sweet friend. <3

  3. I like the full body one. There is something peaceful about the love of a dog so the peace blocks seem perfect.

  4. They are all really good shots. She is so cute. Love that flower. My favorite is the middle one with the tree in the background!

  5. Fonda, thank you so much for becoming a follower of Cranberry Morning! I poked around your blog and found this post on Bella. She must be a Shepherd. LOVE Shepherds. Our Bridger is over 12 years old now. He's on my home page. Don't know if you saw him or not. But there's no dog like a German Shepherd for loyalty and duty. Thanks so much for following. I will follow back via Bloglovin. Evidently GFC is going away July 1. Hope you'll follow on Bloglovin as well. - have a great weekend. So nice to meet you - and Bella!


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