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Basket of hearts

Hi, and welcome and thanks to my new followers. I continue to grow a little each week, and I'm grateful.

Today I'm sharing a "basket of hearts" arrangement I made for Valentine's decor. I was inspired by this one at Extreme Domestication.

I bought a pack of the heart picks from the Dollar Tree last year but couldn't decide what to do with them. The DT has them again this year and again, I was drawn to them. Then I came across the basket mentioned above in my files and knew what to do. I already had most of the items on hand.
I had purchased this basket from the Dollar Tree last year for another project ( one that obviously has not been done yet).

I also had a couple of feather boas and foam blocks from the Dollar Tree. I purchase some more picks and some glittery picks from Michael's for the filler.
I wrapped the basket with the boas, securing it with hot glue. Then I arranged all the picks to my liking. I had planned to hang it on an interior door, bu…

Gallery wall- Must Do Monday

On my list of projects is a gallery wall. I have most of the frames- I just need to pick the photos and get to it. Here are some that are inspiring:

My Blessed Life

Nest of Posies

Maybe Matilda
Love that clothespin and line in the frame idea up there!
And there is always Pinterest.

Sorry this is late. I realize it's almost Must Do Tuesday instead of Monday, but there is this thing called life and responsibilities that come first- God, church, grocery shopping, workouts, dinner...

Framed heart

I finally got a little time and motivation to start on some Valentine's things this weekend, so here's a little sneak peek.

I took the fuzzy heart that I made last year off of last year's wreath and recylced it into a decoration for the mantel. (Full mantel reveal coming- it's still in progress.) I took an old frame we weren't using anymore and painted it with Delta Ceramcoat fire red. Then I took a piece of yarn and hung the heart in the frame. Easy! If you don't have time to make a heart, this would be cute with the heart wreaths I've seen in the Dollar Tree.

Don't forget to enter the giveaway. Ends tomorrow- low entries.
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P52- Self portrait

This week's P52 challenge was to shoot a self portrait. Easy enough since I do have a tripod and remote, but difficult when Saturday and Sunday are the only two days of the week I can play with photos and the weather didn't coporate last weekend. It rained. So without any further excuses, here's my self portrait.

King Soleil- Friday Feature

This week I'm thrilled to showcase an etsy shop that has adorable crocheted children's accessories and upcycled clothing- King Soleil.  Here's what Morgan had to say about her shop

I design and hand make everything sold in King Soleil. I am also a stay at home mommy to my children, Kingston, 1, and Soleil, 3, who not only inspire my shop name but also my new line of children's accessories and clothing. (My daughter especially loves this because I make my samples in her size!) I love to upcycle and keep my products eco-conscious and child-friendly, while keeping with a modern and colorful viewpoint.
Here are some of the adorable items you will find there.

Children's Crochet Cowl in Alpaca Wool with Handmade Peruvian Wool Flower Buttons

DIY Rhinestone and cord bangle- Tried it out Thursday

Quick reminder- there are a few days left for the jewelry gift certificate left- Enter HERE.

Inspired by these, I made these!

I started with these (plain gold bangles from Target),

some silky cord and rhinestone chain, both from Michaels. Glue on the rhinestone and then wrap the cord in between. I used hot glue, but if I wanted a rhinestone only bracelet, I'd use a jewelry glue because the hot glue only held long enough to get the cord on.

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DIY Photo canvas- Must Do Monday

I really need to work on getting some photos out and on the wall. Here are three ways to make your own photo canvas with Mod Podge. I've gotta try this.

from The Sassy Pepper

SITS girls

Blissfully Ever After

P52- I Dreamed a Dream

and it came true. This weeks theme at P52had a liberal translation, which is good or I would have been stuck.

When I was a kid, I hated PE class and running. I was the chubby kid who was always last to cross the finish line and crying because running hurt and I was always out of breath and just couldn't do it. Oh how I wanted to be able to just make a decent finish that looked as effortless as the others.

Fast forward to college- I was forced to take a PE elective before I could go forward in my sophmore year and got stuck with body conditioning as a class which was all about weight lifting and running, during summer I might add. But I did it. The instructor was great and I learned a lot about pacing myself and starting out small and working my way up. Then I dropped running, until years later when I met my husband and he encouraged me to start running again with him. Then we began to do some 5ks and gradually worked our way up in distance.

Here's the dream come true part- …

Friday feature- SMD Jewelry

Happy Friday! I hope you are looking forward to a restful but fun weekend. Today I'd like to introduce you to SMD Jewelry. You'll find unique pieces here that no one else will have. In fact,  90% of her merchandise is one of a kind. SMD Jewelry items are made using a combination of antique, vintage, upcycled & new materials.

Let's take a look at some of my favorite items.

Green, Faceted Lucite Necklace with Fiber Wrapped Chain

Just Peachy Swarovski Crystal & Etched Copper Leaf EarringsFrom SMDJewelry

Copper & Watermelon Tourmaline Bracelet

You can even help support a great cause with purchases from SMD. Check out this listing to find out how.

SMD is also offering you a discount code  for 25% off.

Enter SMDJEWELRY25OFF at checkout.

Sweater pillow

Almost a year ago I purchased a sweater from the thrift store to make a pillow from. A couple of  months after that I found two pillows at a yard sale for 50 cents each. I knew I could use these in place of pillow forms for some pillow projects.

I finally got around to this. The first thing I did was place my pillow inside the sweater to measure. The sweater is a size medium so I could only get one pillow from it. I determined that I should just cut the sleeves off at the shoulder and cut straight down. I also cut the turtleneck off of the top.

I went back and trimmed the whole top off even. Since my sweater did not have side seams, I had to sew all four seams. I cut the bottom off, allowing for a seam. I turned it inside out and sewed three sides and part of the four with the machine. I turned it right side out and placed the pillow inside. I finished the last seam by hand.
Here's my pillow.

I played around with placing in on the love seat and the couch.

I may go back and add so…

WIWW- A new necklace

Happy Wednesday. Today is the day to link up with Lindsey at the Pleated Poppy for WIWW. It's motivation to dress, dress up, mix, remix, and work your wardrobe.

I wanted a long necklace and hubby came through and gave me one for Christmas. It's from Chico's. Here's how a wore it a few days after Christmas. (Yes, I'm still a little behind on the dates, and I don't really like posting  a week's worth of outfits in one post anyway. For a daily account of what I wear, visit me at Savvy Southern Style.)

skirt, sweater- JCPenney, leather jacket- gift boots- Ana/JCPenney, necklace- Chico's/ gift

3 ways to make a ruffle tote - Must Do Monday

If I ever get back to the sewing machine, I've got to do this. I already have a pack of totes purchased for this project.

from Susie Harris


My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

Everyday mantel

Hey there! I hope you've had a good week. Here is the mantel reveal I've been teasing you about all week.

Here's the whole mantel and hearth.

I used the jute and twine balls to fill some tall vases on each side. I also used mypainted rattan ballsfrom 2010.

Moving to the top.

On the left side I used mynew subway art and a plate the hubby gave me for Christmas the very first year we dated.

I've got another plate on the other side and a candle in a glass hurricane filled with pinto beans. Pinto beans were also used in  votives on each side and urns with flowers from another project balance each side.

I've never really been happy with my non holiday mantel decor and the hubby says this is too busy, but I love it! At least its better than before.
Don't forget to enter the giveaway from Firefly Myst. You'll have the chance to get some lovely jewelry.

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