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Get organized - 7 ways

Happy New Year! Many of you will be making resolutions today and tomorrow, and for many, one of them will be to get organized. I know my craft room needs cleaning and organizing. Here are seven ideas and DIY projects to help with that daunting task.




  1. Hi Fonda... I don't know if my first question went through or not. I'm new at this. Anyway... I love your storage ideas! Could you please tell me where I could purchase the "Closet Door Wrapping Center" parts. It looks like the metal baskets are center hung on on a slotted rack/pole. Please help. I really want one of my own. Thank you!!

    1. Hey TM! That is an Elfa Door and Wall system that can be purchased from The Container Store. All the details are in the original post. The photo title is the link. Go check out IHeart Organizing's post. Thanks for stopping by!


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