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P52- A Great Leap

This week's P52 theme is "a great leap". I have to admit that one had me a little stumped but as the week went on more ideas came to mind. The problem is I do most of my photos on Saturday or Sunday as that's the only chance I get, so it was too late to do some of the other things I thought of. Anyway, I'll admit my photo is stretching it, but hear me out.

The first thing I thought of was the Sidney Lanier bridge. And I thought of it two-fold- the morbid side of people jumping off this bridge to their death, and the annual 5k across this bridge. I know the whole "jumping" thing is creepy, but depression and suicide has got to stop being so "taboo" so we can recognize when people need help. That's the angle I would have taken had I gotten a bridge shot. The second thing, is if you are a runner in this area, it's "a great leap" to run that thing. It's a tough bridge to run.

I went out Saturday with my hubby to shoot my photo, only to realize that more warehouses and such have been built just beyond it and there is no longer a pretty view from a safe place to take the photo. So it didn't happen. We stopped at a little park overlooking the marsh just beyond the bridge and walked out on the pier. There was a bird swimming along and fish leaping out of the water. I couldn't get the fish on camera, but while we were bird watching, it decided to take "a great leap". It jumped up and fly several feet away. I started snapping. And there you have it.