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Beaded earrings - the final

Here's the final pair in my March Madness earring series. I've actually made an additional two pair, but I'll share those later.

I made these to go with a necklace I made for my mother last year. She had been asking for some matching earrings. For something similar you will need:

silver beads
white faceted (rondel ?) beads
round gemstone beads
jump rings
eye pins
head pins
earring wires

I question the name of some of my beads because I am not experienced enough with beads to remember the names. I started saving the packaging, but I don't have it for these.

String a silver bead and white faceted bead onto a head pin and make a wrapped loop at the top. String a round bead on an eye pin and make a loop at the top. Join those two units with a jump ring. Attach ear wires and enjoy.

Be sure to follow me to find out what I'm going to do with some of these earrings I've made this month. There just might be a giveaway in the works.

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