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Blondies with a touch of green

I don't get into St. Patrick's Day crafts or decorating, but I have some extra candied green cherries on hand from Christmas baking. Don't worry, they are still in date. I decided to find other recipes I could use them for and what better time than the week of St. Patrick's Day. We had pot luck at church last night so I made a batch of blondies by a recipe I found at Paradise Fruit.

You can click over for the recipe. I made mine with 1 cup whole wheat flour and 1 1/2 cups regular all purpose flour. They remind me of fruit cake cookies, but the chocolate chips add a twist.  Here they are ready for baking:

And done!

I love the little hints of green!

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  1. I did some pretty awesome blondies from Betty Crocker recently:

    Interesting twist adding little bits of green for St Patrick's Day!


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