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Friday Feature- Posies and Petals

Happy Friday! This week's featured shop is Posies and Petals, with a specialty of felt hair accessories that are darling for babies, children, or even moms.

Here is one of my favorites:

(more colors available in this!)

Now a little more info about Posies and Petals, in Meg's words:

I’m Meg-the person behind the posies, which is where the title of my blog came from ( I taught and worked in many different roles in education before my children were born. Now my days still revolve around children, but a much smaller group. I love being with my kids full time and watching them grow and change together.
My children are hilarious, vibrate, and entertaining people, but I enjoy having things that just mine… non-mom related! For me those things are running and Posies and Petals. Running is such a release for me. It clears my head and allows me to regain focus on what is really important. Although sometimes this is hard to do if you’re pushing a stroller and holding a leash:)
Posies and Petals has been a tremendous experience. The teacher in me is a lifelong learner. Opening my shop has provided so many new learning opportunities! We just celebrated 6 months! I can’t even imagine what will be next!

I truly enjoy working with clients to create accessories that they are proud to wear. Nothing makes me happier then receiving personal feedback or pictures about an order. I would love for you to visit Posies and Petals! Please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions or comments-remember everything is handmade specifically for you!

Readers will receive 15% off their orders with the coupon code ‘blogfriend’ Thanks in advance-I'm looking forward to working with you! And a special THANKS to Fonda!
Here are a couple more of my favorite items:

Have more than one daughter? No worries and no fights. You can get adorable "sister sets".

You can also find Meg at

Behind the Posies