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Organized bathroom drawers

The cleaning and organizing continued this weekend. My bedroom got decluttered and cleaned, a couple of dresser drawers sorted with things pulled for donation or yard sale, and I started in the closet. I did just enough in the closet to get the things out of the bedroom that needed to be in there. More on that later when I finish. I cleaned out and organized the three bathroom drawers. I started out with an attempt at organization as I had two baskets in the top drawer for make up and such, but there was no longer any distinct separation of contents. So... in came more baskets.. square ones and narrow ones. Now it's so much easier to find my makeup.

Top drawer BEFORE:


The second drawer is brushes, curling irons, and hair dryer. There is no good fit for the dryer but overall the arrangement is better.



and the last drawer- just miscellaneous stuff


AFTER: Now sorted into extra toothbrushes, hubby's shaving stuff, and my hair accessories.

It feels good to actually know what I have and be able to see it at a glance.

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