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Get Organized: The bathroom- ten ways

Another one of those problem areas for me when it comes to organizing is the bathroom. It's where I spend a good bit of time getting ready for the day so it would make life easier if everything was organized. Having it look pretty at the same time is a bonus and sets the right mood for the day. Here are ten ways to organize the bathroom.

1. Assign a basket with labels for each family member for toiletries and supplies. Using like baskets for each creates a uniform and pleasing look.

2. Use containers inside containers.

3. Use jars in the bathroom for storage and make them pretty.

4. Add vertical risers in the medicine cabinet (or other cabinets) to expand space.

5. I need to implement this one- a stoneware or heat proof kitchen canister to put those hot irons and blow dryers in. That would get the cord out of the way!

6. Add a hook next to the sink or tub and store items in a pail on the hook. I love this colorful bucket!
7. Add customized shelves under the sink.  
8. Create a towel rack from an old window- neat and cute.
9. Use a vase to store toilet paper in plain view.
10. Use short narrow baskets inside bathroom drawers.
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  1. Great ideas! I really wish I had drawers in my bathrooms!


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