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Ten minute earrings

Calling these ten minute earrings is being really gracious. A skilled jewerly maker could make these in under five. This is another great bead stash busting project that will use those up those random leftover beads, so it's got another thing going for it.
I made these as a Christmas gift. If you get in a pinch for a Valentine's gift, they would be great for that too. If you want them to be more in theme with Valentine's switch out the dragonfly charms with heart charms.
You will need:
a set of earring wires/hooks
two sterling silver charms
two beads of your choice
two eye pins
two jump rings (optional)
jewelry pliers
Thread your beads on the eye pins and make a single loop at the top of each one. Attach the charms to the bead unit with a jump ring or attach directly to the loop of the eye pin. Attach earring wires to the top of the bead with the loop you just made. DONE!

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