Saturday, April 7, 2012

Missing something?

There was no Friday Feature today. As much as I like to feature and promote others, I've decided to discontinue this as a regular post. I just need to cut something out and this can be time consuming to communicate with others and make sure I have the post done on time. This post was not getting many views each week either, and no one commented with their opinion last week here or on Facebook, so it doesn't seem to be worth the time it involves.

Maybe I'll replace it with a different kind of regularly scheduled post, but it won't be something that demands I do it each week. That way there will be a little less stress involved.

Thanks for reading and following and I'm open to any suggestions of something you'd like to see here. I'm thinking of doing a "Friday Finds" where I just share neat tips or things I've found. That might still include neat Etsy shops, but will include other things too.

How have you had to change your blog or posts to manage time?


  1. I do love ALL of your posts! I guess I should start commenting, sorry!

  2. Thanks Paula! I do understand that everyone is busy and sometimes it's difficult to leave comments.


Thanks for your kind words! I love hearing from you.