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Sweater pillow

Almost a year ago I purchased a sweater from the thrift store to make a pillow from. A couple of  months after that I found two pillows at a yard sale for 50 cents each. I knew I could use these in place of pillow forms for some pillow projects.

I finally got around to this. The first thing I did was place my pillow inside the sweater to measure. The sweater is a size medium so I could only get one pillow from it. I determined that I should just cut the sleeves off at the shoulder and cut straight down. I also cut the turtleneck off of the top.

I went back and trimmed the whole top off even. Since my sweater did not have side seams, I had to sew all four seams. I cut the bottom off, allowing for a seam. I turned it inside out and sewed three sides and part of the four with the machine. I turned it right side out and placed the pillow inside. I finished the last seam by hand.

Here's my pillow.

I played around with placing in on the love seat and the couch.

I may go back and add some flowers to it. I have enough of the sweater left over in the sleeves to make some flowers and do a couple of other projects. These make nice cozy winter decor.

I featured some other sweater pillows that were my inspiration HERE.

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  1. That looks great and your tutorial makes it sound sew easy!!
    Now I know what to do with those old sweaters!

  2. Such a cute and simple project, love it!

  3. I am loving the sweater look right now :) Your pillows look great! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Your pillow turned out perfect! I've made several of these over @ . Now, I'm trying to figure out how to use the leftovers. I have used some of the sleeves for bolsters pillows. If you come up with a wonderful idea for using the scraps, please share!

    enJOYed your site!

  5. Looks great! Who needs Pottery Barn? :)


  6. I have gotten so into pillows lately and I really want to make a sweater one. I made some sweater stockings before Christmas. I just love the color and texture of this one you made!

  7. I made one of these a couple of years ago and we love it - the texture is awesome plus it is super cozy!

  8. It looks so cozy!! I have some sweaters that I could definitely get rid of! Thanks for the inspiration!!

    Katie @ Little Becky Homecky

  9. What a great use for an old sweater:) It looks perfect!

  10. Thanks everyone.

    Beth, sweater stockings sound like a great idea!


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