Friday, January 20, 2012

P52- I Dreamed a Dream

and it came true. This weeks theme at P52 had a liberal translation, which is good or I would have been stuck.

When I was a kid, I hated PE class and running. I was the chubby kid who was always last to cross the finish line and crying because running hurt and I was always out of breath and just couldn't do it. Oh how I wanted to be able to just make a decent finish that looked as effortless as the others.

Fast forward to college- I was forced to take a PE elective before I could go forward in my sophmore year and got stuck with body conditioning as a class which was all about weight lifting and running, during summer I might add. But I did it. The instructor was great and I learned a lot about pacing myself and starting out small and working my way up. Then I dropped running, until years later when I met my husband and he encouraged me to start running again with him. Then we began to do some 5ks and gradually worked our way up in distance.

Here's the dream come true part- I completed a marathon in 2008. The inaugural Breast Cancer Marathon. It was awesome not only because I completed it but because there were so many survivors along the course saying "thank you". The money raised went to breast cancer research.

Here's my shot to symbolize my dream.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope all your dreams come true.


  1. Way to go!!!!!!!!!

    Keep dreaming...

  2. Wonderful shot--I love the dream too and then making it happen-running is not easy...

  3. Congratulations to you and great shot!!

  4. Great composition. Great inspiration. Thank you for running for the ones who can't.

  5. Love the shot. Way to go to complete that marathon.

  6. Would love for you to join my link party...

    ~The Treasurista

  7. Great picture and story. I took up running a few years ago then stopped, but you've inspired me to get out there again. There's a great 1/2 marathon in our area - a good goal!


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