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Jute, yarn, and twine decor balls- tried it out Thursday

I tried out what seems to be a simple craft and FAILED! I have been wanting to add some more non seasonal, everyday décor to my collection and thought the jute and twine balls would be just the thing. I made a couple by coiling some jute around a Styrofoam ball and gluing it down and wrapping the ball. These were easy enough, but if I ever make more of these I will try to use as little glue as possible, because I really don’t like seeing the lines and gobs of glue between my rows of jute. I also made one the same way with yarn.

Here is where the FAILURE comes in. I got some balloons and proceeded to make some twine balls with cotton twine and Mod Podge. Here’s what I started with.

I realize it would probably be cheaper with glue and water, but I’m lazy and thought I’d skip a step so I used Mod Podge. Only one of four really turned out well. One of them was really deformed and not at all even. This one pictured below that I tried with yarn still looks like something shedding out of its skin. I guess I used too much Mod Podge.

Yet another one apparently did not dry all the way or never hardened enough and it is now sagging under the weight of the other balls I put on top of it in a vase.

The solution to all of this- Big Lots! I got tired of burning my fingers with the hot glue/ wrapped versions and after trying yet another twine/yarn version with glue and water that failed to harden enough (I’m guessing I thinned the glue too much or used too little this time), I went to Big Lots and purchased 3 décor balls for 8 dollars so I could finish my decorating project (which I’ll share in a few days.) These were large enough to justify the expense. You can’t even buy three styrofoam balls this size for 8 dollars. Sometimes DIY does not save money or time enough to justify the money saved!

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  1. super creative!! I host a linky every Tuesday if you'd like to join :)

  2. Usually everyone only shares their successes. Thanks for sharing the trial and error method.

  3. I hope I fare better with the Mod Podge. I don't have the resources to repurchase my supplies for Easter Basket making with my Grand Daughters. Especially this close to Easter. I get one shot to do this right. ugh


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