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Valentine's Day Painted Birdhouse

Welcome to my little "love shack"- one for love birds. I have a small stash of unfinished birdhouses and decided that now would be the perfect time to add one as part of my Valentine's Day decor. 

I started out with this: 

An unfinished wood birdhouse from Michael's and some sandpaper. It's always a good idea to sand these down smooth. It's a little obvious after painting that I should have done a little more sanding. 

This was one of those projects where I had an overall idea of what I wanted but didn't have the details together. They just sort of came together as I worked. I knew it was going to be red and pink. I used Americana paints Baby Pink and Craft Smart cherry cobbler. Both are acrylics. 

 My original idea was to have hearts on it somewhere. I have also been itching to try out some new stencils so I went to Michael's with a gift card in hand. I purchased the Martha Stewarts adhesive stencils in the scrolls set. (no hearts- we will get back to that.)  Have you worked with adhesive stencils yet? Love them! 

I decided to add a little border around the back.

And here is where the hearts come in- a little adornment on the top.
I had some unfinished wood hearts in my stash and I thought one would be perfect with this heart ribbon in my stash. I made a little bow for the top and glued it on. And bam- now my project has hearts!

I had fun painting this and love it, even with it's little imperfections.

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