Thursday, January 8, 2015

Updated winter centerpiece

The Christmas decorations had to be put away but I wasn't ready to start completely over with a tablescape. It is still winter- today's low is 25. That's one of those rare low days for us.  So... I removed the "Christmas elements" and replaced them with some winter elements and left everything else in place.

I removed the colorful ornaments from the vase and bowls and went from this:


A simple replacement with clear ornaments and mini frosted pinecones. The pinecones were a Big Lots find a couple of years ago. I replaced the cloche with a wood slice and some candles.

I'm still enjoying the penquins and snowflakes.

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  1. Very pretty table. I love the pop of blue, those glasses are wonderful!

  2. Although I love flowers, I find that I can often create beautiful centerpieces without using them.. Your tablescape illustrates this. I also like how you used blue glasses to make the tablescape pop.


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