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DIY Winter Terrarium

 I guess I wasn't ready for Christmas to end. Well, the hustle and bustle can go, but I wanted to hang on the the magical winter wonderland decor just a little longer. To get my fix, I made a simple little winter terrarium to go on the mantel after all the other Christmas decor came down.

I started with a lidded dish I picked up from the thrift store a while back and some bottle brush trees and a Christmas figurine. (Ignore the clutter, we did just finish with Christmas.) Now is a great time to pick up craft supplies on clearance. Just because it's marked Christmas doesn't mean you can use it for other projects. I picked up some garland in green, purple, red and white at Target for .30 cents a roll that will be perfect for Valentine's Day and Halloween. I digress.

I added some faux snow to my dish and placed the figurine inside. The trees I started out with were too big so I grabbed a small white one.

Quick, easy, and done. Now I have a cute little winter display.

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  1. Such a great idea, I love the Terrarium trend that's going on right now! They're so versatile and can be filled with everything. Your little winter scene is perfect for all winter long!


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