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Valentine chalkboard coasters

I love chalkboard projects and have been meaning to do more of them. I made a framed chalkboard  in 2013 and haven't gotten around to anymore. I decided that coasters would be a fun thing to paint. I started with these chipboard coasters from Michael's that were in my stash waiting for a makeover. No offense meant if you like roosters, but these were not for me.

These coasters were coated so I lightly sanded them first to make sure the paint would adhere. I ended up putting more coats than recommended by the directions on my paint because of the surface of the coasters. If you are working with plain chipboard or tile, then the standard two coats should be fine. I used the Michael's brand Craft Smart chalkboard paint.

Once they had dried and cured, I decided to decorate them in a them that is appropriate for Valentine's Day. I used a red chalk ink marker. I'm not really good at free handing script or art so I used some stencils for a little help.

The chalk marker ran under the stencils so I found it easier to outline the stencil with real chalk lightly and then go back and fill in with the chalk ink marker. Do you have any chalk art tips?

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