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Gold glitter stripe candle votives

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Here's a festive little project that will work for any holiday or occasion. I didn't get around to sharing all of the few Christmas projects that I did or all of the decorations,  (I've got to start earlier on preparations next year) but I'll go ahead and share these glitter striped votives because they work for more than Christmas. Matter of fact, I made these as a trial run for some I'll be using at an upcoming 50th wedding anniversary reception I'll be hosting, and used them on my Christmas mantel.

I started by taking some 1 inch painter's tape and placed it on a self healing cutting mat. I used the lines on the mat and a ruler to cut the tape in half so I would have narrower strips.

Then I took my thinner strips and placed them on my votives.
I first tried this with two different kinds of glitter paints. I did not like the results, so I turned to good ol' trusty Mod Podge. Coat well with Mod Podge and then coat with glitter. (I have a tray to catch glitter that allows me to pour the extra back into the bottle and I love it.) When it's dry, you can recoat with Mod Podge so the glitter stays on and does not make a mess.
Go make yourself some glitter votives (or striped vase or jar) for New Year's Eve, or pick a different color and make them for another occasion.
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