Thursday, July 5, 2012

Washi tape chevron card

I took my first try at a chevron design on a small scale. I know- I'm way behind and lots of you may be over chevron by now, but I just got interested. I only do projects or make things if I can use them. I needed to make a birthday card for someone recently so I decided I'd try a chevron pattern on the card. I used washi tape to make my pattern. (This particular tape came from Michael's.)

I found a free chevron pattern printable on the internet and printed it off. I cut it out and lightly traced it with a pencil to get started. I ended up erasing most of the pencil after I got started because it was going to show through the washi tape, but it still helped me get the pattern going.

 I stamped a sentiment and added some flowers. Overall I think it turned out cute.

You can check out another washi tape card and gift bag here.

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  1. Very cute! I haven't jumped on the washi tape band wagon yet but I know it's just a matter of time. So glad you linked up at Etcetorize this week~

  2. What a great idea to start small! Love this!


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