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Repurposing chandeliers - 5 ways


It's so much fun to take something old and give it new life. The next time you see a chandelier or candelabra at the thrift store or yard sale, look at it in a new way.

Here's a chandelier turned cake stand:

 Another one with vintage plates.

This one was made into an outdoor candle holder.

A bird feeder - ( I found it on Pinterest but the link doesn't go to the original site. I think the same steps would apply but you would use bowls.)

This one is a candelabra turned desert stand using vintage plates. The plates could be used on the chandeliers too.

Do you have any other ideas? Share them in the comments!


  1. Thanks for featuring my Halloween cupcake stand! :) Have a great day!

    Brooke @ The Crafting Chicks

  2. Thank you for bringing all of these ideas together! No lie, I have a very ornate candelabra under my desk at work right now (an odd hand me down from my boss) and it's just waiting to get a makeover like one of these.

  3. All of these are great ideas! As soon as I get mine up, I will make a post. Thanks for sharing! LOVE the Halloween idea.


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