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Must Do Monday- Yarn wreath

The craze over yarn wreaths with felt flowers has caught on with me and I've decided I must make one. Here are a few that inspire me:

Great tutorial for the flowers here:

This one's a little different, but still uses yarn

And hey, it takes yarn to make sweaters, so this one fits too.  

Have a great week! And to all my newest followers, welcome and thanks. I hope you continue to find inspiration here.


  1. Thank you for linking up my blog! What a nice little surprise!

  2. Just thought I'll let you know that your sweet dough starfish is included in this post. I'm definitely going to try this!!

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my wreath! I'm so happy you liked it! It was my FIRST!! Now I'm on an obsessive yarn wreath kick! LOL Thanks again! :)


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