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Beach themed centerpiece and vignette

When I redecorated my mantel for summer with a beach theme, I also changed up the dining room centerpiece and entryway vignette. I didn't buy anything extra for this other than bamboo mats from the Dollar Tree. I used what I had and what was left from the mantel supplies.  I had planned to share sooner, but I'm just now getting around to posting this.

Here's the dining room centerpiece:

The runner was created by placing Dollar Tree bamboo mats end to end. I had another idea to use some netting, but waited too late in the season to find any. I used the same tray used in the Christmas and Easter centerpieces. I filled it with blue decor sand, candles and shells.

The burlap candles are the same ones used for spring. I took the bows off and replaced them with twine and shells.

Here's a vingette I created on the sofa table with more shells and nautical things:

The seahorse was a Home Goods find. The shell frame is a DIY project I did years ago with shells found at the location the photo was taken.

I filled candle holders with potpourris balls and shells for the other side.

That's it. I plan to enjoy this until I decorate for Halloween. I hope you find a way to hang on the last bits of summer and bring it inside to your decor.

I'll be sharing here: