Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Feature- The Lovely Poppy

It's Friday again. I hope you are discovering lots of great shops from these features and taking note for the upcoming holiday season. Today I'd like to introduce to you Nicole and The Lovely Poppy.

Here is how The Lovely Poppy came to be, as told by Nicole:

"A little over a year ago my husband and I decided to add to our family. We picked out a brand new puppy and she was going to be coming home with us in six weeks. After I sent in the deposit, I quickly ran to the pet store and bought everything I could possibly imagine. The following morning I went back to the store and bought another collar. I knew that I’d want our puppy to have every cute collar possible and that we wouldn’t be able to afford it after a few weeks and a few dozen collars later.
I quickly decided to go out and splurge on a sewing machine and then taught myself how to sell my own dog collars. I opened up Collcole’s (former etsy store), which only sold dog collars. I loved having a small little business, which allowed me to be creative and decorate dogs all over the county.
 My adorable niece came into the world a few months ago and I was loving all of the headbands around the handmade world. I decided to dive into making some for her on my own. I loved creating and designing accessories, so I launched The Lovely Poppy in May. My shop has quickly expanded to offering necklaces, rings, headbands, dog collars and other lovely accessories.
 I’ve been slowly diving into the blogging world and have been amazed at the wonderful people that I have been. Everyone is so caring and generous. I’m inspired by other handmade business owners and love reading their stories. "

Look at all the lovely goodness here!

Have you found something pretty yet? Gotta have it? It's your lucky day because Nicole is offering 25% off for my readers in her shop. Use the code SCRAPS25.

Nicole also has a blog by the same name - The Lovely Poppy. Check out her cute tutorials there.

Thanks for stopping by. I'd love to know what you buy (or "heart") from here. Do share in the comment section.


  1. Etsy IS addictive!! I love that camera slipcover! It's too cute! Thanks for sharing the cute etsy store!


  2. Everything is SOOO cute! I just might have to go shopping... :)


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