Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WIWW- Mixing patterns

Lindsey added a challenge to What I Wore Wednesday- mixing patterns. I'll say that's definitely way out of my comfort zone. So far out that I barely found any patterns in my closet to mix. I have plenty of patterned dress blouses for work, but they go with the solid color suits, and that's the only way I change up my suits is by changing the tops and accesories I wear with them. I read online recently in a closet organization article to hang your suit pieces separately so you will mix and match them as separates. I think I'll be challenging myself to do this as well. I tend to buy jackets and pants or skirts as sets as I'm real picky about weights and textures of fabrics matching as well as color but  I think I could mix a few up.

Okay back to the real challenge- mixing patterns. I did some research and found some "rules" for mixing here. I like the real life blogger versions better than the runway models, btw. As I said, I have little to work with. If I buy a patterned piece, I find a solid to go with it and that's it. And I've also realized that once I put together an outfit, I wear it the same way, over and over again. For example, the skirt you are about to see is usually worn with a navy tank and green cardigan, and that's the only way I've worn it. Now I'm thinking I'm going to wear some purple with it next.  I got the scarf in the mail last week and immediatetly thought I could try it with this skirt for the pattern mixing challenge. What do you think?

I wore this to church Sunday.

 tshirt, skirt- Old Navy; scarf- etsy;
sandals- Wal-mart;
belt- ? TJMaxx or Ross

I also hit the clearance rack at Target on Friday and found these two pieces that I wore Saturday to a family get together. I'll definetly be shopping with an eye for patterns that mix because I have secretly admired this trend on others. Kendi does it well, as seen HERE and HERE.

Again, mixing stripes and flowers.

Cardigan, tank- Target;
capris- unknown;
shoes- Ross

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  1. You look great!! That skirt and scarf work so well together!! And I'm in love with that yellow cardigan :)


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