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Slow traffic

Just a note to say that things will likely be slow on the blog this week. As if they could get any slower... I only post a couple of times per week anyway. Those couple of posts are a struggle and juggling of time. I just don't have time to create projects or posts. So... I've decided to save myself the stress for a week or two, and LET IT GO.

I'm not going away forever, just reevaluating. I'm not as motivated by blogging as I used to be. I do still love the community but it's getting a little old or stale. I see the same old projects over and over. I'm not bashing anyone- I'm guilty too. I have no new inventions to share. Just my take on the classic stuff. And that's okay, but sometimes it gets old.

I think everyone must struggle with this because it seems what gets linked up at link parties is of little substance now days or is a recipe. I get it- we all have to eat so it's easy to post a recipe since you are going to cook anyway. I've done it many times. But what I'm tring to say is I no longer even enjoy reading blogs. I do still have a few favorites, but they seem to be overloaded with recipes and trivial guest posts too. Again, please don't take this as blogger bashing. It's just where I am right now with this hobby of mine. If you have some positive thoughts or advice to share, please do.

Until later....

If you enjoy fashion, I'll still be maintaing my fashion/style blog, Savvy Southern Chic. Please visit me over there.