Friday, June 7, 2013

Fabulous Friday Find- Dollar Tree mini containers

Don't we all love the Dollar Tree? I wanted to share these cute little plastic containers I found at my local Dollar Tree a couple of months ago. I think they still have them. You get 10 in a pack. They are 2.3 ounce containers and BPA free. Perfect for:
  • dressing and sauces in lunch boxes
  • storing small craft supplies
  • containers for DIY beauty cream, lotions and supplies
I'm currently using one in my bathroom to hold coconut oil that I use as a skin moisturizer.

And isn't everything in a mini version just adorable?

Just thought you might like to know. What would you use them for?


  1. Got to go find these! Perfect for bead storage.

  2. I love these little containers. They're great for dressings/sauces in lunchboxes.


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