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Skull and crow centerpiece for Halloween vignette

I have been in love with this centerpiece by Alderberry Hill ever since I first saw it.  I set about to create my own version of it, but since Halloween is fastly approaching, I had to do it the quick and easy way.

I didn't have time to search the thrift stores for items to make this centerpiece and I didn't have time to paint anything, so I shopped my house for items on hand to complete this.  Here's what I started with:

a charger, a trifle bowl, and a tall candlestick. The candlestick wasn't quite tall enough so I placed a block of foam in the bowl and set the candlestick on top. The skull isn't heavy so I don't have to worry about it tipping over. All of the inside was filled and covered with Spanish moss.

Next I started filling the bowl and placing pumpkins and other items on the charger around the base of the bowl. I used some painted rattan balls I had on hand from previous years fall vignettes and table decor. I wanted to paint everything black, white and silver, but once I started placing things, I liked them with the color.  To pull in some black, I cut up an arrangement of black roses I painted last year for a vignette and placed them in with the other items. Hubby had purchased this huge spider a few weeks ago and it was just sitting on the bar, so I hung it from the side of the bowl.

A crow perched on the skull and held with a glue dot completed it all. (Nothing here is permanently attached and I can disassemble it all for storage and to use in other ways.)

This became the centerpiece for my Halloween vignette featuring the houndstooth duct tape pumpkin and boo googly eye frame. A few other pieces were placed on the other side. To balance everything out, I made a second houndstooth pumpkin and perched it on my diy cupcake stand (I love repurposing).

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  1. omg, i love that! thanks for showing how you made it, i would never have guessed.

    1. Thanks! I love discovering clever little tricks like that.

  2. That is so cool! I had to pin this one! Found you at Polka Dots on Parade's Link Party!

    Kristy @ Shona Skye Creations

  3. Love, love, love this! Pinning it for next year!

  4. Very spooky! Love it!

    With Only 3 days left till Halloween I would love to invite you to post this over at my Halloween link party on The Purple Pumpkin Blog! Hope to see you there :)
    Michelle xoxo


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