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Spider web pumpkin centerpiece

I was inspired by this spider web pumpkin at BHG and decided to try making my own. You may have just seen it in my spooky spider tablescape. I told you I'd give you a few more details, so here it is. There's not much to it- I just didn't want to previous post to get too long and overloaded.

I made mine the opposite of theirs. I used a black craft pumpkin and a white marker- a Galaxy scrapbook marker. You could use any white paint pen or white marker.

Just draw on the lines for the web and you've got a spider web pumpkin. I didn't permanently adhere the spiders and crow- they are attached with glue dots for easier storage and so I can use them again in another way if I want. I got these spiders from Spirit Halloween. ( I already had the larger spider.) I love these colorful little fellows!

Go make yourself a spider web pumpkin. It's all about your own interpretation. Mine is balanced on a bowl turned upside down instead of a cake pedestal.

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  1. I really like this! The spiders are a really nice touch - I've pinned it for future Halloween inspiration :)

  2. I love it! It looks perfect for the season. Megan

  3. LOVE the idea!!!
    Thanks for posting the great pictures.


  4. What a clever idea! I'm so glad to be following you, love your blog!


  5. Love the look - perfect. Joining from Shine on Fridays -

  6. This looks the colors!

  7. Great job! I love that you used a marker. I tried stenciling a pumpkin and it wasn't pretty. :-) And I'm a huge fan of glue dots as well!

  8. This turned out so cute! Just wanted to let you know I'm featuring it as part of my link party wrap up tomorrow.

  9. great idea!! Cute!


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