Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thrifting fall's new trends- Part one

I've been reading up on fall's fashion trends for this year in all the magazines and blogs and I've been adding them to my wardrobe with thrift store and consignment purchases. If only it would get cool enought to wear my finds. It's been so easy to find all of the trends for $1.00- $7.00. I'll be sharing my finds in a three or more part series. Here's part one:

Polka dots:

Source Glamour.com

My find:

Vintage Polka dot top- Goodwill $3.89

Jade green

Source Glamour.com

My find:

Velvet blazer- Goodwill $3.24

Source Glamour.com

My find

Snakeskin bangle- Salvation Army Thrift - $1.00

I can also shop my closet for this one, as I have a snakeskin patterned blouse.

You do not have to spend a fortune to incorporate the trends into your wardrobe. Check out your local thrift or consignment and I'll bet you'll find them right there for minimum cost.

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