Saturday, March 19, 2011

My very first beaded necklace- Anthro inspired

I'll have to admit- I had never heard of Anthropologie until I started following link parties last year. It really is a great source of inspiration for crafting and just for colors and patterns in general. I have another admission- I'm brand new to jewelry making. Last year I started by making memory wire bracelets, then a pair of earrings. I've been collecting beads since ( I started by trying to use up old beads from another craft but now I have more- what?). I'm just clueless about how to put them together and some of the techniques and such bewilder me.

I bit the bullet and finally put a piece together. Anthro's SugarCane and Cocoa was my inspiration.

Here is there's:

Here's mine:

Mine's not a complete knock-off at all. There's is 30 inches in length. Mine's only about 20 inches. I would have loved for mine to be longer but it would have taken larger beads and I was working with what is available at my local Michael's store and within my budget. I actually added a few more beads in sections than they have to add to the length but couldn't add more or I'd lose the overall balance and look I was going for. I also used a clasp and there's doesn't have one. I didn't have thread or the patience to learn to knot just yet.  I'm still very pleased with the results.

Here are the materials I used if you want to make your own (all from Michael's and mostly Bead Gallery line beads purchased on clearance or 50% off)

Elite Better Beads filigree bead caps
Lobster clasp
crimp beads
Beadalon Satin Silver stringing wire
6 mm silver plated bicone corrogated
16 mm acrylic amber tube beads
Amber agate mix round 14mm
Crystaloloid Agate Green oval 25x18 mm
Sea Shell round 12 mm
18mm faceted acrylic

My cost (not including wire, clasps, crimps that I already had): $23
I also have some beads left over so I could make another project from this and cut the cost in half.

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  1. it turned out so beautiful, Great job!!

  2. It looks amazing. Thank you for linking up to More The Merrier.

  3. Although I love the soft colors of the original, I love when people take the original as an inspiration and make it their own. That's what you did with this project. My guess is you can wear your necklace with more things because of the colors you used too. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Nice work! I like the bold colours in yours :)

  5. This is really cute! I saw that on the Anthro web site the other day and I know it is expensive and you did it at such a reasonable price! Awesome:) Thanks for shaing.

  6. I like the colors you chose- it looks great! Thanks for linking up!

  7. I am a new follower....and love the necklace!!!

  8. First time must be a charm for you, they turned out great! Thank you for linking up to my K.I.S.S. blog bash last week. This weeks blog bash is in full swing again!! If you haven't already please be sure & link up more of your creativity, I look forward to seeing all your great ideas. :)

    Drop by The Tattered Tag

  9. I would love for you to link up at my Made it for Less Mondays at

    Great job!


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