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National Peace Officers Memorial Day

Law enforcement- very necessary and often unappreciated. The world is full of sick, evil people. Some of us choose to sit behind the blinds and believe they don't exist, while some of us deal with these people every day. Being a law enforcement or peace officer calls for great sacrifice, or sometimes one's life. Just check here for some of the numbers.

President John F. Kennedy made this day, May 15, National Peace Officers Memorial Day in 1962. Remember to fly your flags at half staff.

I think the following appropriately sums up an officer's life.


First they take ... the oath.

then :

They take ... it in stride when people curse at them and call them foul names.
They take... a second job sometimes to make ends meet and support their family.
They take ... time to stop and talk to children.
They take... your verbal abuse while giving a ticket which was really deserved.
They take ... on creeps you would be afraid to even look at.
They take ... time away from their family to keep you safe.
They take ... your injured child to the hospital.
They take ... the graveyard shift without complaint because it's their turn.
They take ... their life into their own hands daily.
They take... time to explain why both your headlights have to work.
They take... the job no one else wants -- telling you a loved one has died.
They take ... in sights that would make you cry. Sometimes he cries too, but they take it anyway because someone has to.
They take ... memories to bed each night that you couldn't bear for even one day.
They take ... time to explain to their family why they can't make the ball game their child is in and why they have to work on the holiday when other parents are off.
Sometimes... They take a bullet.
And yes, occasionally ... They take a free cup of coffee.
If they are lucky ... They take retirement.
Then one day they pay for all that has been taken ...and hopefully, God will take them.

Written by Texas police officer as a tribute to his brother, Police Officer Rodney Kendrick, who died in the line of duty....July 2001