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Armed Forces Day

Today, the third Saturday in May, is Armed Forces Day. Proclaimed by President Truman in 1950, the day combines the separate branches' celebrations into one day. It is a day to honor and thank our armed forces for what they do for us.

I think sending cards to soldiers is a nice way to do this and I hope I can find some time today to make a few cards to send cards to soldiers. Maybe you can do the same. If you do, post links in the comments section. I'd love to see them.

Be careful how you go about sending cards. I was dismayed to find this snopes articled about the Christmas cards to Walter Reed hospital. I got that email. I didn't send cards but would have liked to. It makes sense though, you can't just randomly send cards to "any soldier." The snopes article list some other ways to show your support.

I also searched for some projects that appear to be legite. I found these two sites: