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National Hamburger Day

Yep, that's right. Today is National Hamburger Day. Not a Congress declared day, but how much more American can you get than a big juicy grilled burger? (Actually it may be German, with roots in Hamburg, Germany, but it has become very American.)

So today is the day to celebrate it. Do you think that you have to wait on the man of the house to do the grilling? Nope, check out all the tips you need to know here at Girls at the Grill.

But if you prefer to let him do the work, grab your camera and take some pictures of the family enjoying the cookout. I made the perfect little paper piecing to commemorate this day and to adorn your scrapbook pages of your grilling event.

It measures about two inches. Look for it in my shop soon. A little tip about working with tiny pieces like this- tweezers. They keep your fingers from getting sticky.