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Technique Thursday/ paper tearing

This week's technique is one that requires no special tools and anyone can do this. The above layout (please excuse the poor scan, it was my first attempt at scanning a 12 x12 layout and stitching it together in my photo software) features many torn edges that add texture to the layout. The photo mat was torn and the edges were rolled.

To tear paper for your project you can grab it and rip by hand or use a ruler and tear along the edge of the ruler if you want a neater edge. Thick double sided card stock, like the vintage collection paper from Making Memories above, works best with the paper tearing technique, as you get an exposed white edge. Whether you tear towards you or away from you will dictate which side your white edge is on. Tearing towards you with your right hand will result in the edge on the right hand side of a piece and tearing towards you with the left hand gives you an exposed edge on the left side of a piece.

You can also make paper tearing easier by wetting a small paintbrush with water and "painting" along the line you wish to tear. Moistening the paper will make it easier to tear. So go ahead, try it. Start tearing up your paper for layouts and projects that have lots of dimension and edges.

Here's another project that features tearing. The edges of the strips of paper on this card were torn.

And today's quote- Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. Eleanor Roosevelt.


  1. I love the purple and green on your layout with the tearing. Tearing is a great way to add dimension. Nice article !


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