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Friday feature

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An apron is an outer protective garment that covers primarily the front of the body. It may be worn for hygienic reasons as well as in order to protect clothes from wear and tear. The apron is commonly part of the uniform of several work categories, including waitresses, nurses, and domestic workers. Many homemakers also wear them. It is also worn as a decorative garment by women. Aprons are also worn in many commercial establishments to protect workers clothes from damage, mainly bib aprons, but also others such as farrier aprons.

That's what wikipedia has to say about aprons, but when I think of an apron, I think of my loving, gentle, Grandmother who made her own aprons and wore them for many uses. I have a couple that she made as well and have worn them at times. One is more like a smock that pulls over the head and ties on each side. One of the aprons I plan to put in a shadow box with a poem for a keepsake.

SO, why am I rambling about aprons? I found the most adorable, cute, sexy aprons on etsy the other day. Sassyapron has the biggest selections of aprons I've ever seen. So many bright colors, ruffles, bibs, oh so cute! I wanted to show them all here but I had to narrow it down.

The lady behind these creations is Lana and they are all vintage inspired. Not only will you find polka dots like the one above, you'll find may flower patterns.

If the ladies in your life still cook, or just have a flair for vintage like items, consider these for a Mother's Day gift. Here's a great floral pattern

and here's a card that will coordinate perfectly for a total package.