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Go Green

Earth Day, celebrated on April 22, is a day dedicated to making our environment safe and sound. Arbor Day, nationally celebrated on the last Friday of April is coming up as well- April 25. Arbor Day celebrates trees, one of greatest natural resources. In honor of these days, I will be sharing five ways to go green - become environmentally responsible. So check in each day this week for a quick tip, idea, or maybe even some "green" crafts.

1. RECYCLE- Okay so this may be the oldest, most common way. It never hurts to have a reminder. Recycle newspaper, paper, glass, plastic, and aluminum.
Have you also thought of these?
electronics- There is a proper way to dispose of and recycle these items. Learn more here

oil- Do you change your own motor oil? Tips for dealing with this here

running shoes- Yes, these can be ground up and used for other purposes once they are too worn to wear -

"To cherish what remains of the Earth and to foster its renewal is our only legitimate hope of survival."
-Wendell Berry