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Mini towel basket

Today I'm sharing a quick little update I made to a mini laundry basket. It's so easy I'd hardly call it a craft, but for me the results are big and I love the visual interest it creates.

I ran across this post from Creative Green Living a while back and was inspired to make my own version. I already a Dollar Tree basket in place in the laundry room on top of the washer for dish towels. It's easier to toss them there than to take them out to where the other dirty laundry is stored. (Nope - the other dirty laundry is not in the laundry room because I don't really have a laundry ROOM. It's a pass through to the kitchen just big enough for the washer and dryer). I love typography, fonts and labels so this was perfect for me. It might seem weird to you but I love having the label on the basket.

Here's the before:

And the after:

I cut my letters from black vinyl using my Silhouette SD and Franklin Gothic Demi font. I measured the area that I wanted to place the letters and made a text box just a little larger. You can usually get away with going just a bit larger on the text box because the letters won't completely fill it.

Cut and stick! Easy.

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  1. I love organization! Maybe if I labeled some things around here I would get things put where they belong!


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