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DIY Monogram Plate

Are you in love with the monogram trend? Do you love it on your clothes and accessories or just in home decor? I'm more drawn to home decor. I decided that I wanted a monogrammed plate to add to our home decor and knew I could do this quickly and easily with my Silhouette and some vinyl. (Thank goodness it's quick and easy, I haven't had time for much else craft wise lately).
I picked up an oval shaped platter from the thrift store. You can see it in it's "before" state below.

With just a little cleaning and some vinyl decals, I now have a fabulous decor piece.

I first measured length and width of the area I would be working in so I'd know how big to size my overall design in Silhouette.

Sorry, I don't have screen shots but here's the basic workflow.

I chose some swirls out of "Swirls set of 7". I ungrouped them so I had just the one I wanted and then copied it and reversed the copy. I took the ellipse tool and drew two circles, one a little larger than the other, with the smaller inside the other. I lined up the two swirls on each side. Then I typed my initial in the middle of the circle using the font "Monogram KK". That's it.

All I had to do was cut it out and apply to the surface of the platter.

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