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15 Thanksgiving turkey crafts

Turkey for you, turkey for me.... It's getting closer. We had one of our Thanksgiving celebrations this past weekend. One more to go.

Put a whimsical touch on your Thanksgiving decor and celebrations with these turkey crafts.

1. Make your guests a turkey pin to wear:

2. Or make them a hair clip that doubles as a napkin ring
3. Make a wreath
4. Make a wall hanging
5.  Paper twist wall hanging
6. Make an embroidery hoop turkey wall hanging
7. Make a turkey place card from book pages
8. Make turkey placemats
9. Make turkey votives for your table.
10. Make turkey clips
11. Recycle a light bulb into a turkey
12. Make a turkey veggie tray
13. Make turkey tootsie pop treats
14. Serve Nutter Butter turkey cupcakes
15.  Make turkey nugget favors