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WIWW- Floral skirt

Sweater- Gap; tank- Old Navy; skirt- Old Navy
wedges- Ross
Worn Aug. 4, 2013
Confession time- I bought this skirt last year and it has been hanging there with the tags on it since then. Until a couple of weeks ago when I wore it to church. Do you have anything new hanging in your closet unworn? Just to make me feel better, I'll say its only this piece and a jacket purchased from the thrift store that I intended to add some embellishment too.
I always had visions of creating a look like Kendi's with this skirt and sweater. I'm calling this a fail because I really don't like the fit of this sweater, especially now that I've lost weight. It's huge around the middle and makes me look bigger. Maybe I should put the sweater in the Goodwill bag and start over. I've really learned that proper fit makes a huge difference in how you look. Not just too little, but too big as well.
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