Thursday, June 7, 2012

Color blocked planter

I've been working on a front porch makeover and as part of that, I've made over some of my old flower pots. I took inspiration from East Coast Creative's color blocked planters featured in my Must Do Monday planter round up and made my own.

I started with an old plastic planter with a removable bottom tray.

It was certainly in need of some TLC. This photo was taken after I washed it off. With a little spray paint, I soon had this:

I chose my colors for my planter using a striped pillow I had just purchased for my porch makeover as inspiration.  To start,  I taped off the top rim. I'm not a good painter so I had to do this. I still had some overspray but since I was using black in the middle I didn't worry too much about it. If I were using a color that wouldn't cover, I would have taped further down.  I painted the top rim with Krylon Fusion for plastics in Sunbeam (gloss). I painted the inside of the rim as well since this might show.

Once the yellow dried, I taped over the rim and painted the rest of it with Krylon Fusion gloss black. I painted the bottom piece with Krylon Fusion in patriotic blue.

Once it was all dried, I filled it with some potting mix, purple grass, sweet potato vine, and vinca.


While I had the spray paint out, I transformed this old green pot into an amazing blue one with Patriotic blue.



I'll be sharing here:



  1. Oh, the transformative power of spray paint! I loved the colour blocked planters on East Cost Creative, too :)

    The colours you used look great together and the flowers make it look that much more fantastic!

    Definitely on my to-do list!

  2. Wonderful transformations! The colors really make the plants and flowers stand out.

  3. Wow, you got amazing coverage! I can never get that seamless solid colour. Your pieces look great. Thanks for sharing at Etcetorize this week~

  4. Love the flower pots and colors. I hope you will link these up to The CSI Project. The challenge is Summer outdoor decorating and parties. Come on over! You just might win!!!!

  5. What a great transformation !! I have several pots that I could do this too but it will have to wait until the end of the season now as they are filled with flowers!

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  6. Great makeover! I love what a little coat of spray paint can do!

  7. WOW! What a transformation. Blah to AMAZING!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality :)

  8. love this fantastic

    would love it if you could share them on my link party -

    Natasha xx

  9. Oh yay! I have lots of sad old pots that need a serious bit of TLC. Thank you. They look incredible, and what a difference from the before to the after.


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