Thursday, May 3, 2012

Anthro Paisley Rebirth knockoff

Here's my version of the Anthro Paisley Rebirth necklace based on the tutorial from Bev at Flamingo Toes. I loosely followed the tutorial. I didn't wrap my chain the same nor did I wrap it as tightly because I was afraid I would run out of chain. I didn't have quite as much as I needed.

Here's mine compared to Bev's.

And compared to the original

I used a vintage brooch I had in my collection and a vintage clip earring that I turned into a brooch on my necklace. I just clipped the earring back off and glued on a pin back.  I added a couple of pieces of silver chain, a black chain piece and a rhinestone piece on the side. Here's a closer look:

Even though I wished I had wrapped the chain tighter, I'm still lovin these colors in thi piece. And I have left over scarf so I could do another one.

Here's another look at mine:

I'll be sharing here:

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  1. I like yours the best :) Nice job!!!!



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